An immersive art experience now available to a global audience: Art of the City TV brings you Santa Fe’s Indian Market 2020

The Art experience has changed as our world adapts to a new reality: How one can see the Art of Santa Fe 2020 is a positive;  in that what was once only experienced by attending in person in Santa Fe is now a global opportunity: and this year everyone can immerse themselves in the flavor of Santa Fe’s artistic relevance and the timely stories of the cultural capital of Indian Market and the great city of Santa Fe,…an event that has always been on the right side of history and on the right side of Artistic Accomplishment;  illustrating Native American Art as seen through the lens of gallerist and celebrity host Ruth-Ann Thorn.

Art of the City TV Docuseries Premiers INDIAN MARKET 2020
Artists featured on Art of the City TV & Indian Market 2020:  The Virtual Edition