“Collision: The Works of Ricardo Lowenberg” In its’ Limited Tampa Engagement

Renowned Artist & Master Sculptor Ricardo Lowenberg to accompany his works.

Thursday, January 18th 6 to 9 pm – Opening Reception
Saturday , January 20th 1 to 3 pm
Private Viewings & Appointments Available

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Tampa, Florida: December 2023:   Michael Murphy Gallery, Tampa’s premier fine art gallery and located in Tampa’s vibrant downtown, presents “Collision: The Works of Ricardo Lowenberg”  in its’ Limited Tampa Engagement January 18th through February 8th  2024, with special live, in-gallery appearances on Saturday , January 20th,   2024 from 1 to 3 pm.  The Artist is a celebrated Mexican Painter & Sculptor; called to the artistic process by an innate drive to express the emotions and essence of the human condition. Leaping between mediums, Lowenberg paints both abstract and figurative works, and sculpts voluminous forms that explore the trajectory of emotions beginning with their interiority and culminating with their visual expression.  The works are…in a word….magnificent.


Born in Mexico City in 1960, The Artist was exposed to classical music and the creative experience from birth, and his innate sense of beauty and aesthetics was nurtured immediately. He began sculpting classes from the age of five and art school at a hacienda that also housed an adjoining orphanage, an experience that left an indelible mark on the artist’s psyche. His early works are clearly the result of a magnetic connection to the Impressionists. Having studied them from a young age he metabolized the visible brush strokes and sweeping vistas of Cezanne, Monet, and Gaugin as they played with the indefinable qualities of the passage of time.   “THE CONVERSATION” REEL

Guided by the phantasms of the Mexican Muralists and the French Impressionists, the Artist creates allegories and stunning portraiture, resplendent with the ecstasies of both the human and natural world and bursting with color and energy. Lowenberg’s decades-long search for perfection in painting has resulted in magnificent proficiency in different mediums, and numerous collections of undeniably beautiful and evocative paintings exhibited in some of the world’s most venerable Museums, finest galleries, and private Collections.

In December the Artist presented “Tampico Hermosa” an extraordinary Monumental sculpture to the Museo de la Ciudad in Tampico, Mexico. Not only does this represent an important provenance for Lowenberg’s work: it also is a significant nod to his family history, as his grandparents settled there generations before: bestowing a legacy upon the sculpture and upon history.

The Museo de la Ciudad Tampico Museo de la Ciudad  is a new aesthetic, an extraordinary example of the Tampiqueños to achieve a legacy that will strengthen the pride and identity of the beautiful city. More than a building, the Museum is a witness to history, and located In the heart of the city, this historical treasure awaits to be explored. In honor of this seminal moment, globally renowned Artist & Sculptor Ricardo Lowenberg has the honor and privilege of donating “Tampico Hermosa ” a monumental sculpture that will be on permanent exhibition.  Tampico Hermosa Video

“Tampico Hermosa” is not just a sculpture, but a story sculpted in stainless steel, a tribute to the eternal connection between the sculptor, whose family is deeply rooted in Tampico and this enchanting land.  This 140kg sculpture stands as a visual testament in the Tampico City Museum, an invitation for everyone to immerse themselves in the magic and history that define this jewel of the Gulf of Mexico.

Tampico Hermosa Monumental

“Tampico Hermosa” is a sculpture that pays homage to the abundance of this beautiful land. Every pronounced curve of this work reflects the generosity of the nature that inspires it: the waters of the Chairel Lagoon, the Támesi and Pánuco rivers. The essence of Tampico is captured in every colorful reflection that touches its surface, varying according to the observer’s perspective.

The inspiration for this work is drawn from the countless exotic flowers that adorn this place, as well as the sweet fruits that delight the senses, as irresistible as the honey that flows in this region. All of this is a manifestation of the land that has captivated the sculptor, Ricardo Lowenberg.

The story of “Tampico Hermosa” is intertwined with the arrival of the sculptor’s grandparents in 1921, a time of suitcases filled with hope and dreams. Upon arrival, his grandmother marveled at a Tampico that exceeded all her expectations. The streets were overflowing with life, international vessels arrived with products from around the world, and the market resonated with a symphony of languages.

Exotic fruits, such as mango, avocado, and the tiny plums known as Jovito, were a feast of colors and flavors that enchanted his grandmother. This encounter with the unknown left an indelible mark on her memories, merging with the roots of the family.

Thus, “Tampico Hermosa” is not just a sculpture, but a story sculpted in stainless steel, a tribute to the eternal connection between the sculptor and this enchanting land. Premiering December 2023 , this 140kg sculpture will stand as a visual testament in the Tampico City Museum, an invitation for everyone to immerse themselves in the magic and history that define this jewel of the Gulf of Mexico.
Image:  Tampico Hermosa Sculpture 2023


Image:  The Artist Ricardo Lowenberg In Process   2023

“For over 25 years, the sacred process of creating expressive works, guided by an unwavering fascination with color, light and human nature has consumed me; body and soul. Even after more than two decades of painting professionally, it continues to bring me joy and satisfaction, as the new ways of visually encountering what it means to be human constantly evolve, allowing me to change alongside it. Both in the creative act of painting and in the evolution of the process whereby I create, I am constantly confronting the beauty and sublime essence of the human condition through my work. I began to paint and sculpt at five years old in my childhood home of Mexico City. Through the years my work and creative process as an artist continue to evolve, and this state of change energizes me.”

– Ricardo Lowenberg

The Magic Process

The Magic Process allows Lowenberg to detach himself from space and time. As he fully engages with his sculpture it becomes intimate, emotional, and above all, allows him to highlight Perfect Imperfection.

The Magic Process is a series of sculptures originally conceived as a painting project. It began to transform when Lowenberg became aware that he wanted the viewer’s perspective to impact directly on the form as it was perceived, so it was necessary to employ visual effects that can only be achieved through volume.