Park West Gallery Artist Autumn De Forest Earns Street Art Cred At Wynwood Walls In Miami

Autumn De Forest Is A 16-Year-Old Artistic Prodigy Who Is Working Toward A Better World
“I think right now, especially for young people, we’re set up to succeed”

Autumn de Forest started painting at the age of five, when she found out by a “happy accident” that not only was it something she loved to do but something at which she was instantly good. Now, at age 16, de Forest has already sold over $7 million in paintings, worked with Michelle Obama on the White House Committee for The Arts and Humanities, and is on her way to establishing a charity to help young artists save for college.

Below, I talked with de Forest about her work with the Obamas, the Autumn de Forest Foundation, and her first mural which she unveiled today in partnership with hair care brand Aussie.