Peter Max and Our 50th

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For two decennial anniversaries in a row, Peter Max has designed our cover. One of the major figures in contemporary American art, Max first made his splash in the late 1960s. His pop art was daring, with bold colors that found their own space. His work fit in with the psychedelic movement of the ’70s. In September ’69 he was featured on the cover of Life Magazine under the heading, “Peter Max, Portrait of the Artist as A Very Rich Man.”

Ten years ago, a stylized image of the Joan of Arc statue, based on our Katrina recovery issue cover, appeared on our 40th anniversary edition. With this the 50th anniversary, Max’s mind runs free, embellishing a cover conceptualized by our magazine’s art director, Tiffani Amedo. (Last month she produced a work of art of her own; baby Ava and mom are doing fine.)

Besides this being our anniversary issue, there are two other special activities for celebration. We published over first-ever hardcover book entitled Essential New Orleans: 15 Places We Love. We think it’s rich in both writing and photography. And, we have mounted a plaque in the small dining room in the back of Antoine’s restaurant next to the wine cellar; it was over dinner there that, in April 1966, the magazine was founded. (We tell this story in the book.)

Thank you for being a part of our anniversary celebration. We hope the energy in Max’s work speaks for the magazine and its future.