Peter Max on Art, Life and ‘Good Gesheft’

How to put together a show that represents the breadth and depth of artist Peter Max’s long, storied and surprisingly variable career must have been quite a challenge, but come April 20-28, “Peter Max: The Retrospective 1960 – 2018” lands at Y:ART Gallery & Fine Gifts in Baltimore with a newly curated and comprehensive sampling of Max’s vibrant, colorful and iconic art.

“Peter Max is truly a pop-art visionary. His presence in the art world during the counterculture of New York City in the 1960s shaped his art, which in turn influenced America’s youth from the ’60s to the present with its vibrant colors and message of peace and independence,” said Y:ART Gallery owner Julia Yensho via email. “The electrifying colors and shapes that emerge from his canvases are animated and exhilarating. They are as influential in today’s hip pop-culture as they were 50 years ago and will continue to be 50 years from now. In other words, Peter Max is timeless.”
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