Relevant Communications Named Agency Of Record For The Series “Ruth Ann Thorn Presents Art Of The City”

San Diego, CA. (May 14, 2020) – Relevant Communications, the industry standard for fine art public relations is proud to welcome Ruth-Ann Thorn’s Art of the City to their exclusive roster of clients.

Art of the City is a documentary series where gallerist, philanthropist, and San Diego socialite Ruth Ann Thorn travels around the country to speak with artists who help create the fabric and lifeblood of the city’s cultural community.

Thorn has now expanded her reach to bring exposure to artists In a docu-series entitled Ruth-Ann Thorn Presents Art of the City in which she travels to cities across the United States interviewing internationally acclaimed artists who have resided in that city for 20 years or more. The premise behind the documentary series is nurture vs. nature. The premise behind the series is geo-locality and the nuance and flavor captured by the local Artists…. all of whom are “hometown”. From San Diego, to New Orleans To Austin to Savannah to LA and NYC. This series will reveal the flavor of each respective city via a never-before captured lens: allowing Ms. Thorn and the Artist to experience the essence of so much of the city. As an historian captures history, and a travel guide landmarks, and the chef local culinary flavors: Ruth-Ann Thorn marries them all…and through the Artists’ works.