Relevant Secures Drumhead Magazine In Support Of New Lauren Monroe EP Big Love

Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe with Steve Ferrone, Kenny Aronoff and John Ginty—What “Big Love” Can Do

It’s worth taking notice when a legendary drummer shows up on a track backing a mostly unknown artist, but when three of the biggest names in the world of drumming are contributing to that track, it bears dropping everything to go take a listen; the phrase, “Stop the presses” comes to mind, and that’s just what we did at Drumhead.

While you may have not yet heard of Lauren Monroe, it’s a safe bet that you will soon, especially if you’re a drummer. Her single that just dropped last week, “Big Love,” features contributions from Steve Ferrone, Kenny Aronoff and Def Leppard’s Rick Allen. The recording, vocals and instrumentation (all provided by a list of top-shelf session and touring musicians) are all impressive, but for us drummers, it is the percussive bed of this powerful message-driven track that grabs the ear as much as anything. Three drum sets and a beautifully crafted percussion part give the song a huge drum sound with a touch of world music feel, but it’s the power-pop hook that you might not be able to shake for the rest of the day after hearing it.

You know you want it, so let’s talk about “Big Love.”