Relevant Secures For Artistic Legacy And Fifth Generation Artist Lyora Pissarro

Echoes Of French Impressionism Heard At Russell Collection In Austin, Texas

Camille Pissarro’s work alone would stand him among the giants of art history. His influence on art history, however, may be even greater than his work.

The oldest of the original French Impressionist group convinced Paul Cezanne to lighten his palette and was unfailingly patient with the irascible painter who both Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso considered the father of Modern art. Cezanne considered Pissarro a father figure.

Vincent Van Gogh asked his brother Theo to inquire with Pissarro if he could stay at Pissarro’s house on a trip to the north of France. Pissarro’s wife wouldn’t go for that, but he was able to find Van Gogh accommodations with a nearby doctor, Dr. Paul Gachet, who he did stay with and paint.