Relevent Secures In Support Of Ric Ocasek Art Exhibiton For Wentworth Galleries Audience Metric: 23 Million +

Come 2018, we may finally see The Cars justly inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The three-time nominees are up for the Class of 2018, a slot they’ve more than earned as one of the most enduring, appealing and substantial bands of the New Wave era. While many of their contemporaries can lay claim to (at best) one solid album, The Cars’ power pop-fueled self-titled debut and 1984’s synth-heavy Heartbeat City are stone-cold classics – and everything that came in between is pretty damn solid, too.

But Cars leader Ric Ocasek isn’t idling in neutral, waiting for the Rock Hall’s decision. The long-running musician is also an avid drawer, occasionally turning his pen-and-paper compositions into larger painted works. Those sizable pieces are the subject of Ric Ocasek: Color the Lines, an exhibit running Oct. 21-Nov. 30 at Wentworth Galleries in Short Hills, NJ, with Ocasek making an in-person appearance at the gallery from 5-8 p.m. this Saturday, Oct. 21.

Ahead of the gallery’s opening and following the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s announcement that The Cars were nominated, Billboard chatted with Ocasek about everything from his upcoming compilation featuring unreleased music to the differences between making music and drawing – and we even got him to promise to use his art for an album cover, just for us.

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