Rick Allen Of Def Leppard Talks Art….Vets…And Some Very Timely Messages On Emotional Well Being…PTSD….And Moving Forward Positively In One’s Life

CBS Eye on Veterans: Def Leppard’s Rick Allen and art that helps veterans heal

Rick Allen is the drummer of the iconic rock band, Def Leppard- and also a huge inspiration to veterans around the world.

Just as the band achieved fame in the early 80s, he lost his arm in a car accident. However, after re-learning to play drums, the band became one of heavy metal’s most successful groups.

When he’s not rocking on stage, Rick is also an artist, and for over a decade has been a supporter of military veterans. We talked with him about how he first got involved with veterans at Walter Reed Military Medical Center. We also explored the deep connection he has with wounded vets because of his own traumatic injury and we learned how Project Resiliency helps veterans heal through a variety of techniques.

We also talked about his artwork, and how it provides the perfect type of therapy for everyone. His artwork is currently on display at Wentworth Gallery locations across the country and a portion of the proceeds from every sale supports Project Resiliency.