Salvador Dali: The Argillet

Reprinted from North Palm Beach Life

WHAT: ​Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach Gardens, is proud to announce its presentation of Salvador Dali: The Argillet Collection.

WHERE: Onessimo Fine Art, 4530 PGA Blvd. No. 101, Palm Beach Gardens. 561-355-8061.

WHEN: Available for acquisition at the gallery Jan. 1-31, 2017. Previews begin on January 2, 2017.

MEET MADAME ARGILLET: The exhibition is a rare opportunity to meet Madame Christine Argillet, daughter of Dali’s legendary publisher and confidante Pierre Argillet, during scheduled special appearances by Madame Argillet for the public: Friday, January 6 from 6:00 pm – to 9:00 pm; Saturday, January 7 from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm and Sunday, January 8 from 2:00 pm – to 5:00 pm. All appearances are complimentary to the public, and RSVP’s are required at 561-355-8061 or

MORE INFO: Visit for more info.

Biography – Madame Christine Argillet

Born: May 15, 1955 in Versailles, France

Education: Humanities and diploma in classical piano and conducting as well as Ecole du Louvre in Paris (emphasis in Printmaking, Prehistoric Art and Antiquities of the Middle East).

Worked alongside with father, Pierre Argillet, Salvador Dali’s close friend, confidant and publisher, at the Museum of Surrealism, France. Madame prepared major exhibitions in various Museums (Daimaru Museum, Tokyo, Japan, Pushkin Museum, Moscow, Russia, Sarlat and Bargoin Museum, France throughout her artistic career.

​Madame Argillet became President and Curator of the Museum of Surrealism after her father’s passing in December 2001.

Madame Argillet currently presents Dali: The Argillet Collection; the Dada and Surrealist Publications of Pierre Argillet in Museums and Galleries. (LACMA in 2004 for Dali’s centennial).

About This Collection

Since 2010, the collection has been shown in over thirty major exhibition presentations, including Washington DC, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin.

“These museum-quality presentations of Dali: The Argillet Collection are a tribute to the work of my father, Pierre Argillet, as an extraordinary publisher of the Dada and Surrealist group,” said Madame Argillet. “This 2016 collection reflects a constant endeavor, a very personal archive of not only Dali’s finest etchings and tapestries, but an intimate glimpse into my family’s personal and cherished photos, films, anecdotes and memories of life with Dali and Gala.

“This exhibition truly is an intimate collaboration of my family’s with the most fascinating Artist of the Surrealist Movement. It is with honor and humility that we, the Argillet family, are able to present to you this extraordinary assemblage of Dali’s works.

“My father began as a journalist with a true passion for Surrealism. His relationship with Dali was as sincere as it was passionate. They had together long discussions on the art in process and on literary topics that Dali would then illustrate. Dali was a man who saw the world as one in which everything was linked. That view of the world is evident in each and every piece of his art, for him it was never a progression of the idea that all things have a shared link…it was the common denominator…Dali’s philosophy…if you will”.
— Madame Argillet June 2016