Sand And Snow: Getting creative with Autumn de Forest at The Butler

Reprinted from Sand And Snow

Autumn’s the youngest member of the Presidents’ Committee on the Arts & Humanities, and the bubbly artist designed a fun way to help underprivileged students and under-resourced schools across the country by teaching painting classes. She shows kids how easy it is to get creative and channel their inner artistic side. All the required art supplies were generously underwritten by The Park West Foundation and included paints, canvases, and brushes.

At the beginning of the 2016 school year, The Butler was notified that thousands of students in the surrounding area of Youngstown, Ohio would be unable to visit the perennial arts destination for students in K through 12, so The Park West Foundation jumped in and donated the costs to transport a number of Youngstown regional school group trips to The Butler during Autumn’s visit.

“When I visit schools, I only have one class period to prove to kids how powerful their creativity can be, so I designed a special plan to guarantee a win. I know that if I can leave every student with a great artwork that they painted, it can be a daily reminder to them, “I can do this!” I have learned that a creative victory can be a very powerful thing.” Autumn de Forest

The Oldest of Techniques in the Newest of Ways

Using new techniques via phone apps and melding them with common art supplies: thinned-down water colors, Sharpies, and canvases. The goal was to create a self portrait. An uncommon self portrait. Although I have to admit, there’s no common or normal in art. It’s all about passion.

You know what I loved best? I thought I knew how it would look after it was finished ( I know her style, favorite colors, and mood well), but I was totally wrong! Look, I know The Kid’s talented and I know how much art is a part of life for her, but it was those moments where she was truly in her element that I found so inspirational. For that moment in time the world, her school work- everything- disappeared and it was only her, the canvas and a few colors of paint.

Autumn de Forest is inspiring one child at a time and I’m elated she can add The Kid to that list.

A huge thank you to Miss de Forest and The Butler for giving us inspiration on a lovely “Autumn” day.