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Summer of Drumming

The Gallery of Music & Art in Las Vegas is proud to present, in its’ North American premiere, Summer of Drumming: an exhibition of extraordinary artwork by Rock Icons Steve Smith, Steven Adler, Carl Palmer, Bill Ward, Chad Smith, Dave Lombardo and Chad Sexton. The Artists will be making special in-gallery appearances during the summer months to be announced mid-July 2017. All appearances are complimentary and open to the public when announced. All Artwork is presently on exhibition and available for acquisition July 1st through October 1st, 2017 during Gallery Hours 10 am to 11 pm daily. This is a do not miss exhibition. The gallery is located within the Forum Shops at Caesars, Terrace Level 3. For more information call 702-366-9904 or visit

Bill Ward, Dave Lombardo, Steven Adler, Chad Smith – Summer of Drumming

Bill Ward

(Black Sabbath)
For 45 years, drummer Bill Ward has dedicated much of his creative life to rhythm. Ward’s career has taken him to every corner of the planet, with millions of records sold and a recording legacy that includes some of the most acclaimed recordings in the heavy metal genre. With his art collection “Absence of Corners, Ward ventures beyond sound into the visual realm with his rhythm-on-canvas artwork. The collection is a highly personal one and remarkably limited.

Dave Lombardo
(Slayer / Suicidal Tendencies / Dead Cross)
Dave Lombardo has been at the forefront of rhythm for more than three decades. He is the
architect for an entire approach to drumming with a vast recording history stretching into a
multitude of genres and legendary projects. To millions, Lombardo is known as the “Godfather of the Double Bass,” and the creator of thrash metal and speed metal drumming through his work as one of the founding members of Slayer. Lombardo’s musicianship, diverse tastes, and recording legacy stretch far and wide. He is a member of Fantomas, as well as a member of Suicidal Tendencies. He is currently the founding drummer of Dead Cross featuring Mike Patton on vocals.

Steven Adler
(Guns N’ Roses)
Steven Adler is one of the most recognizable figures in rock history. As the founding
drummer of Guns N’ Roses, Adler has toured the world, sold millions of records, and is a part of the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. His influence on countless drummers is undeniable as is his unmistakable swing that provided the backdrop to some of hard rock’s most revered songs and arguably the most acclaimed album of a genre, “Appetite for Destruction.” Adler currently resides in Los Angeles, where he has become a best selling author and tours with his own band, Adler.