Jumper Maybach Fine Artist. Philanthropist. Humanitarian. Advocate & Activist For Social Change. Compared To Jackson Pollack In Style: Keith Haring In Substance. Setting The Art World On Fire.

Jumper Maybach – The INsite Interview
Then Along Came Jumper

I walked into the Satellite Art Show on March 16 at about 5:00p and was taken aback at the grandness and uniqueness of each of the 30+ exhibits all of which told their own story. 

It was a weird and wonderful place. I enjoyed the exhibits, but I was there to see a gentleman by the name of Ben Workman. 

Workman, who grew up in Corpus Christi, always knew there was something… different.. about him. He was picked on and bullied his whole childhood. He learned to hide the fact that he was a gay man in certain circles for fear of discrimination.
In 2011, he suffered from sexual discrimination while on the job at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs after a co-worker “outed” him.