Photographer Harry Benson well-suited to capturing hearts

Reprinted from Palm Beach Daily News

Famed photographer Sir Harry Benson — we like to call him Handsome Harry because he’s, you know, handsome – isn’t 21 anymore, but somebody apparently forgot to tell him.

HH will be heading to Sofia, Bulgaria, in early December (because the weather is just so nice in Bulgaria in December) for an opening-night party celebrating an exhibit of his work at the Vivacom Art Hall.

Then, after a trip back home to Palm Beach to defrost, he’ll head to London in February (because the weather is just so nice in London in February) for his first London show at Mallett Antiques’ Ely House.

All those miles aloft are part of the job – at which Harry is very, very good. In a recent interview with WWD, he confided that the secret to his success was in his closet.

“I have always dressed conservatively,” Benson said. “If I’m on the second floor of the White House in a pair of dungarees and a flak jacket, I’m not going anywhere. I always wore a suit, and it gave me pockets to carry my lenses. I tell photographers today, ‘I wouldn’t let you in my house — never mind the White House.’ ”

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