Relevant Secures Nevada Magazine For Artistic Prodigy Autumn de Forest

An iconic image of a small boy suffering the ravages of war in Syria is hard to forget; it is one of the most recognizable of the decade. A painting depicting the image hung among others by world-renowned artists at the 2016 Red Dot Miami art show. The 8-foot-tall acrylic painting is of a small boy in black, grey, and white—except for the red blood covering his left eye—over a fiery orange background. You can see the shock he’s experiencing through the vacant expression across his face. You can feel it.

Many people walked by during the four-day show and came to a dead stop. “Oh, it’s that kid—the one on TV—the one from the bombing in Syria,” some said. And they asked the young girl sitting nearby, with the spindly arms and legs and doll-like face, if they could meet the artist.  When the girl said she was the artist, the usual response was disbelief.