Toronto Star: Mick Fleetwood to launch photography exhibit in Toronto

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mick_fleetwood-thestar.comDrummer Mick Fleetwood is set to launch his own photography exhibition in Toronto.

The founding member of Fleetwood Mac will see over 30 of his works on display at the Liss Gallery from this Wednesday through Oct. 31.

The show, titled “Reflections,” features photos taken by the 67-year-old Grammy Award winner over the past few years.

Some works are in their original form and some are “hand-enhanced” with paint, and all are available for purchase.

In a statement, Fleetwood says each piece has “a distinct and personal story” reflecting his life, roots and passions, particularly nature.

The England native, who lives in Maui, will be at the Toronto gallery for a private reception on Oct. 17.