CBS 5: Mick Fleetwood displays art in Scottsdale gallery

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You wouldn’t expect to see a Rock ‘n’ Roll legend used to screaming fans meeting folks at a quiet art gallery in Scottsdale, but that’s exactly where Mick Fleetwood, founding member of Fleetwood Mac, was Tuesday evening.

The group is scheduled to perform in downtown Phoenix Wednesday evening.

Fleetwood said displaying his art can sometimes be more nerve-wracking than performing on stage.

“I don’t write songs, and I don’t sing them. I play in a band and it’s a lot of work one way or another, but this more personal for me,” Fleetwood said.

Before he gets an arena full of people going Wednesday night, he’s showing his talents go beyond the stage.

“When I became a drummer, I sort of was doing what we did as a family. We traveled all the time, and I was the boring snapshot-taker in the band,” Fleetwood said.

He admits his photographs in the collection Reflections are not what people might expect. They show moments of calm, either in his birthplace of England or his new home in Maui.

“I understand they were probably expecting ladies hanging off chandeliers and things,” Fleetwood said.

“The contrast in this photo between the old rusty worn-out truck, and this new burst of super green light from the leaves,” said Scottsdale resident Sari Lewis, describing what drew her to the piece she purchased.

She said she’s not surprised he chose the Valley as one of his first exhibitions in the states.

“Scottsdale has an awesome gallery district, and we earn and deserve a lot of great art here,” Lewis said.

As for his favorite piece? Fleetwood prefers a pair of swans he photographed individually that he said remind him of his parents because swans mate for life.

“In a way, these are my babies,” Fleetwood said.

If you’d like to take a look at the pieces, they’ll be on display until Thursday at DeRubeis Fine Art of Metal.

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